Hi, I'm Loren Bartley…
Thank you for considering me to speak at your business, event or conference. I pride myself as being the go-to-resource for the latest social media best-practice information in a rapidly changing environment and I love to share this knowledge with other businesses via workshops, presentations and online training. If you think I may be a great match, then I’m excited to hear about your speaking opportunity.
Let's find out!
I work with you to tailor a presentation perfect for your requirements…
Once you engage my services, I will meet with you to determine your requirements and then I will get to work planning the content. Once the presentation is finalised, I will confirm the final content outline with you prior to delivery to ensure that you and your audience are delighted with the final outcome. Does that all sound good? If so, then please share more details about your speaking opportunity using the rest of the form below.

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A member of the team will get back to you soon with details of how we may be able to support you with your presentation. Please note that we do get a lot of enquiries and it does take a bit of time for us to come back to you with a considered response. During busy times this can sometimes take up to a week, so please be patient.
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